Our Work

Canopy Planet Foundation is a non-profit accelerator funding innovative organizations that protect the future of our planet by keeping forests standing.

How We Protect Forests

We are on a mission to end the use of Ancient and Endangered Forests in textiles, paper, and packaging and help catalyze the development and scaling of Next Generation Solutions. In pursuit of that mission, Canopy Planet Foundation partners with Canopy Planet Society to fund bold action plans and sustainable systems through active grant-making programs to preserve nature and support life on Earth

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Who We Fund

Canopy Planet Foundation partners with Canopy Planet Society to fund bold climate action plans through active grant-making programs to preserve nature and support life on Earth

Our priority is to break the cycle of forest degradation to ensure a livable future for all.

We drive groundbreaking solutions to transform unsustainable supply chains and ensure our planet’s most vital forests don’t end up as packaging for your next shipping box, takeout container, or fabric for your new shirt. We accomplish this mission by supporting innovative organizations that create global, systems-level change to protect the world’s forests, species, and climate.

Canopy Planet Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

How we advance our mission to protect forests with Canopy Planet Society:

Canopy Planet Foundation works tirelessly to end sourcing from climate-critical forests and catalyze commercial production of circular, Next Gen alternatives. We thoughtfully support campaign work that conserves vital forest ecosystems that are key to life on Earth.


These are a few of the campaigns we support, through our grants to Canopy Planet Society.



You know how to keep yourself looking good. The CanopyStyle initiative brings together fashion’s most progressive players and industry giants to ensure the planet is looking (and feeling) good too. CanopyStyle works with fashion brands, retailers, designers, and their viscose suppliers to follow the thread of their products. Together with Canopy Planet Society, we revolutionize fashion supply chains, catalyze Next Generation Solutions, and engage in collective advocacy that advances forest conservation and changes our world for the better. Now that’s stylish!



It’s hard to imagine three billion trees — yet that’s roughly how many trees are cut down every year to meet our global demand for paper packaging. Canopy Planet Society’s Pack4Good initiative meets this planetary problem head on by inviting industry leaders to think outside the box and transform unsustainable supply chains by developing robust sourcing policies and integrating sustainable Next Generation Solutions to save our climate and our world’s forests in the process. Learn more about taking the forests out of the box with Pack4Good.

Next Generation Solutions

There’s no need for hundred-year-old trees to be logged to make pizza boxes or t-shirts when alternatives already exist. Next Generation (Next Gen) Solutions are the designs, systems, and technologies that will enable us to protect 30-50% of the world’s forests by 2030. This includes packaging made from agricultural waste and viscose made from cellulose grown by fermentation. Canopy Planet Society is working to rapidly scale up the production and use of Next Gen, and keep our forests standing. Learn more about Next Gen and discover tomorrow’s solutions today.

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Landscapes of Hope

Across the world, forest ecosystems are home to the majority of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, are powerhouses of carbon storage, and are the traditional territories of Indigenous Nations who depend on them for survival. Canopy Planet Society calls these places Landscapes of Hope. By harnessing the power of the marketplace to incentivize change on the ground, and working with local NGO partners and decision-makers to develop just and sustainable conservation solutions, Canopy Planet Society is working to protect and conserve these special, and essential places. Learn more about what Landscapes of Hope mean to all of us.


Canopy Planet Foundation, in partnership with Canopy Planet Society, share a bold vision that re-imagines how we live and take from the planet.

Our vision for 2030 is to help stabilize our climate and restore vibrant biodiversity by:

  • Eliminating all use of Ancient and Endangered Forest from the supply chain by 2033.
  • Accelerating production of low-carbon Next Gen solutions to replace 50% of forest fibre currently used to make paper, packaging and textiles with low-carbon inputs such as agricultural residues, discarded textiles, municipal, and industrial food waste.
  • Supporting local NGO allies, communities, and decision makers to develop conservation-based economies that advance human wellbeing as well as conservation.